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Beautiful Printed Ethnic Suits to Add Grace to Your Outfit

Beautiful Printed Ethnic Suits to Add Grace to Your Outfit

Fashion brings new trends and designs every day. A way to add nothing less than grace to your outfit and elegance to your personality. There are a variety of styles available in ethnic wear, such as Anarkali style, straight kurta, A-line kurta, and many more. These kurta sets are perfect for every occasion.

With different styles, one can also add prints to their collection of ethnic wear. Adding prints like bandhani print kurta, ikat print, floral prints, and many other prints is the right choice to add beauty and intricacy to your outfit. These printed suit sets are not only for your occasional wardrobe, but the simplicity of the design allows you to wear them every day.

Ethnic wear is the most stunning way to celebrate these suit sets' rich cultural heritage in India. This blog explores the prints for your wardrobe to bring out the most sophisticated outfits for an occasion or everyday wear.

Here are different types of beautifully printed ethnic suit sets:

1. Floral Printed Kurta Set:

Are you also fond of wearing florals to your wardrobe? Do you feel positive and outgoing while wearing floral printed Kurta? Floral prints are the best for showing off your feminine side. And, one can create a balance between charm and embracing your personality in ethnic wear. Floral prints come in different types of style, such as a vibrant garden of blooming flowers, pastel petals, or a pattern made of roses. Therefore, the floral print kurta set will add grace to your outfit. Match your kurta set with a palazzo or leggings to bring out a more blooming look.

2. Embroidered Kurta Set:

An embroidered kurta set adds a sense of luxury to your clothes as we know that embroideries are simple and make an outfit look more creative in every way. The embroidery on the kurta is a great way to elevate the overall appeal of the outfit. Now, how would you like your kurta in an embroidered style? The flowing texture of the kurta, designed in a neat and clean style with embroidery, would be a great way to slay your personality and outfit. Finally, add accessories to your items, like bangles, earrings, or a simple chain necklace, to make a fashion statement.

3. Leheriya Print Kurta Set:

Leheriya prints kurta sets hold a different type of vibrancy in their patterns, and the beauty of shades is a perfect way to add a stunning look to ethnic wear. The print initially comes from Rajasthan. And, the beautiful waves created for the pattern are delicate and perfect for those who want to add a splash of colour to their outfit and maintain the traditional aspect of ethnic wear. Also, one should always use bright and bold colours to make a fashion statement and follow the trend.

4. Polka Dot Print Kurta Set:

Have you ever seen polka dots go out of style? Polka dot print kurta sets have always been a part of the trend and will never go out of it. Polka dots are a classic choice for a person who leans towards a retro vibe. Whether you opt for small or large polka dots, this print adds a playful touch to your ethnic wear. And, to make the correct fashion statement, one should style the polka dot outfit with minimal accessories such as earrings and a simple necklace.

5. Bandhani Print Kurta Set:

Bandhani prints are patterns created using the traditional tie-dye technique. The print is popular in Rajasthan and Gujarat. The simplicity of a bandhani print kurta set or any other ethnic wear adds style and is a perfect outfit for those who appreciate the artistry and detailed printing of the cloth. And, the craftsmanship on a bandhani print kurta is created in such a beautiful print. Also, the kurta's colour and intricacy in its pattern make it a standout choice for your wardrobe collection.

6. Geometric Print Kurta Set:

If you prefer a contemporary and edgy look with your outfit, this Geometric print kurta set is for you. The prints add a modern touch to your outfit and can make it look more stylish. The prints will make a fashion statement whether you have opted for bold stripes, abstract shapes, or geometric patterns.

7. Ikat Print Kurta Set:

Ikat print kurta sets known to us for a long time for their uniqueness and the style they add to an outfit. The prints are created using a resistance dyeing the yarn before weaving. Through this technique, one can create a stunning blurred design that is nothing less than a visual treat to the eyes of the person. Therefore, an ikat print is the right choice for a person who wants to be the party's highlight and seek attention from the crowd for their fashion choices.


Beautiful printed ethnic suits are perfect for adding grace to your outfit. These suits effortlessly blend traditional elements with modern designs, creating a stunning, fashionable, and culturally rich ensemble. The intricate prints and vibrant colours of these ethnic suits make them a standout choice, allowing you to express your style while embracing the beauty of Indian fashion. Swasti Clothing has a comprehensive collection of suit sets that you can buy to add a touch of elegance and charm to your collection. With different designs, prints, and styles such as plus size anarkali, straight kurta, A-line kurta, and many more.

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